FAQ’s 1-O-1

    • When is the Public Mint?

    • Can anyone participate in the Public Mint?

    • What is the Public Mint price?

      • .1 ETH for public mint
      • .075 ETH for wl
      • FREE for Premint winners (100 = 1% of total nft collection )
    • How do I mint as part of the Public Mint?
      Go to Life2.io for the official link to mint and connect your Wallet

    • Can I use a minting wallet for the Public Mint?
      Yes. You can use basically whatever wallet you wish (except multi-sig wallets).

    • Can I mint from a smart contract or multi-sig wallet such as gnosis safe?
      No. (This helps prevents bot activity)

    • What is the max number of tokens that can be minted per transaction?

    • Is there a max number of tokens per wallet?

    • Will there be an instant reveal?
      Yes. (It may take a few moments to refresh).

    • How many Gods will be available for the Public Mint?
      At least 7500. It depends on how many are minted the day before during the Early Access(WL) Mint. There will be 10,000 total Eternal Gods Of Egypt, and approximately 2400 are available for early access. It’s possible some people who qualify for Early Access Mint will not claim their Gods – those will then be available as part of the Public Mint.

    • Will the mint have provable fairness (randomness) in which Gods are minted?
      Yes. This will be set up by the development team at SmartContract and will be publicly available and provable.

    • Is Premint registration required to mint?
      No. We considered this option but decided the best approach is to enable anyone to participate in the mint. Those who registered on Premint were entered into a raffle for 100 spots to mint a free Gods during the Early Access Mint.


    • When is the Early Access Mint?

    • Who can participate in the Early Access Mint(Premint winners)?

      • Raffle winners of raffle that is total 100 wallets
    • What is the Early Access Mint price?

    • How do I mint as part of the Early Access Mint?
      By Joining the raffle and winning it

    • When is the WL Mint?

      • TBD
    • Who can participate in the WL Mint?

      • WL wallets
    • What is the WL Mint price?

      • .075 ETH
    • How can you get WL?

      • You can get wl by various methods
    • Will there be an instant reveal?
      Yes. (It may take a few moments to refresh). Also, there will be no risk of unrevealed rare gods being "sniped."

    • How many Gods will be available for the wl Mint?
      Approximately 2400 (any unclaimed will become available for Public Mint).


    • What are EGOE?
      Eternal gods of egypt are 10,000 unique crypto investors coming to the blockchain with commercial rights

    • What is the rarity structure of the collection?

      • TBD
    • What is the rarest type of Eternal Gods Of Egypt ?
      All might 6 gods and 6 goddess

    • Do Eternal Gods Of Egypt come with commercial rights?
      Yes. Eternal Gods Of Egypt holders are granted the same commercial rights as Yuga Labs provided for CryptoPunks in 2022. The full Eternal Gods Of Egypt license is here.

    • Are there additional 1/1’s in the collection?
      No. Each of the 10,000 NFTs is unique and there are no additional 1/1s.

    • How many Eternal Gods Of Egypt are reserved for the Eternal Gods Of Egypt team (including developers and mint partners)?
      500 (2.5% of the collection)

    • What is the royalty %?


    • What is the official Eternal Gods Of Egypt website?

    • What is the official Life2.io Twitter?

    • Is there a discord?

      • Not yet
    • Are there other social media accounts besides the verified Life2.io Twitter account?

      • Yes for EGOE
    • Who is behind Gods ?
      Life2.io Team

    • Who receives reserved Eternal Gods Of Egypt and mint funds?
      All parties noted above (TEAM) receive a portion of reserved Eternal Gods Of Egypt and/or funds from the public mint for their role in helping to launch the project.

       		ENJOY MINTING YOUR Gods !!